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Dope/Plasticizer Plants

Dope/Plasticizer Plants

We offer turnkey services in establishment of Dope/Plasticizer Plants. Plasticizers are used in conditioning of PVC, rubber and many other thermoplastic materials, to facilitate fluidity and to regulate fluid mechanics. Dope is used as a softener in all PVC paste and resin mixtures. PVC is widely used in shoe and slipper sole production, artificial leather production, PVC granule production, membrane and waterproofing membrane production, paint and varnish sector, flooring and mat production, canvas production, hose production and in calendering systems.

Makfen is ready for service with the best quality and price guarantee to offer turnkey services for installation, design, renovation, assembly, instrumentation, piping, insulation, electrical installation, automation, execution of performance tests and commissioning procedures of Dope/Plasticizer Plants.

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