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Autoclave (Sterilization Systems)

Autoclave performs sterilization for 15-20 minutes at 121 degress Celsius in an environment saturated with compressed steam. It was invented in 1879 by Charles Chamberland. Phrase of autoclave is derived from Greek word auto- (by itself) and Latin word clavis (key) and means “self locking device".

It is widely used in laboratories and operation rooms to eliminate microbes. It is also widely used in canned fruit and vegetable production since it eliminates microbes. In addition to sterilization properties, they can also be used in other processes such as lamination of vehicle glasses.(Reference)

Mafen employs state-of-the-art technology when producing Autoclaves for food sector and laboratories. Processes developed for sterilization applications are made safer, easier and more precise by Makfen autoclave.

You can simply contact us for production and installation of Autoclave/ Sterilization System that is specific to your company. Makfen assists you in choosing the suitable autoclave for your factories, laboratories and workshops. Makfen offers warranty service for all custom production Autoclaves.


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