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Dissolver/ Premixing Tank

Dissolvers or Premixing mixers are high speed turbine type mixers which allow mixing of powder and liquid products mainly in chemical industry. They reach to a speed of 600-3000 rpm easily and ensure homogeneous mixing of powder products inside the liquid.

While they are mostly made of AISI 304 L grade stainless material, they can also be made of carbon steel, AISI 316 L grade stainless steel materials according to the products to be processed.

Makfen Dissolvers

  • Internationally accepted design and manufacture, conforming to user requirements
  • Completely Certified material usage
  • Selection of materials and workmanship that suits to the operating conditions in the best way
  • High quality and long life guarantee
  • Mechanical or Soft Gasket Compatible with the System
  • Complete Operation and Maintenance Documentation
  • Mixer Speed Control
  • PLC Management Panel
  • Precise Weighing system
  • Mixer and paddle production suitable for the product
  • Operation under high pressure and vacuum


Ordering and Information