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Reactors are among the most important and main equipment of chemical industry. They are containers inside where ideal conditions for reaction are created, heating, cooling, mixing procedures can be performed separately or in combination.

These systems allow chemical reaction processes, can operate under high pressure or vacuum, are equipped with heating and cooling systems, can prepare the required mixture with miscellaneous mixers whenever available and particularly used in chemical industry and also in pharmaceutical and food industries.

While they are mostly made of AISI 316L grade stainless material, they can also be made of carbon steel, AISI 304 L grade stainless steel, glass coating, Hastelloy stainless steel and Duplex steel materials according to the products to be processed.

Makfen Reactors

    • Internationally accepted design and manufacture, conforming to user requirements
    • Completely Certified material usage
    • Selection of materials and workmanship that suits to the operating conditions in the best way
    • High quality and long life guarantee
    • Heating and Cooling Serpentines
    • Mechanical or Soft Gasket Compatible with the System
    • Complete Operation and Maintenance Documentation
    • Mixer Speed Control
    • PLC Management Panel
    • Precise Weighing system
    • Mixer and paddle production suitable for the product
    • Operation under high pressure and vacuum


Ordering and Information