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Tube Exchanger

Tube Exchanger

These equipment allow exchanging heat of the fluids with another liquid or gas fluid. They can be used for heat exchange of products in various different phases. They can be conveniently used in heat exchange of fluids such as liquid-liquid, water-oil, water-gas(air, nitrogen etc.), steam-water, steam-oil, steam-gas, oil-oil, oil-gas.

Tube exchangers can be classified as flat tube and U-tube exchangers depending on the production process, areas of use and tube bundle structure.

The most important aspect that shall be taken into consideration in production of flat and “U" tube exchangers are the fluids and the specific properties of the fluids and the phase changes of these fluids inside the exchanger. While they are all mostly made of AISI 316L grade stainless material, they can also be made of carbon steel, AISI 304 L grade stainless steel, copper tube, cunife tune or brass tube bundle, Hastelloy stainless steel and Duplex steel materials according to the products to be processed.

Makfen Tube Exchangers

  • Internationally accepted design and manufacture, conforming to user requirements
  • Completely Certified material usage
  • Selection of materials and workmanship that suits to the operating conditions in the best way
  • High quality and long life guarantee
  • Complete Operation and Maintenance Documentation
  • Operation under high pressure and vacuum

Tube Exchanger Tube Bundle and Housing Details

Exchanger pipe bundles are made of carbon steel, stainless, copper and brass and cunife tubes according to the requirements of the customer and process details. Tube diameters vary between 8 mm and 42.3 mm. Fluids are taken into consideration when determining the tube diameters. Pipe bundles which are made of flat or U tube according to the types of fluids and exchanger design model are mostly designed by taking into account scale and corrosion formation issues that are most frequently encountered. “U" tube system is the most preferred system in steam systems. The system used in oil systems is the one with one side fixed and the other having a moving plate. The aspect which needs to be into consideration is the selection of the suitable seal for ensuring tightness.

Tube Exchanger Usage Areas

Used in textile, ships and food sectors mainly, the exchangers can be used in every sector where a secondary alternative energy demand rises with the alternative energy. It offers economical solutions for satisfying the needs of utility water and/or hot water, low pressure steam at companies where steam, hot oil tank and superheated water tank are employed. U and flat tube exchangers ensure process convenience when cleaning factors need to be considered in energy recovery applications, waste water recovery systems in textile sector.


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