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Stainless Storage Tanks

Stainless Silo Solutions

Stainless silo products are among materials which are always preferred by many enterprises but particularly by companies which have extensive storage needs. Our company manufactures products for outdoor use and also in large storage areas. It shall also be emphasized that our company makes them of AISI 304 grade stainless material. Diameters of stainless tanks and silos vary between 1500 mm to approximately 6500 mm. Requests of our esteemed customers are always important for us in this respect.

Silo Production Processes

Manufactured for large companies and offices which have storage requirements, the silos are available for 3 processes as double wall, rockwool insulated and finally with water heating system. Our company also performs production in the same manner. Standard silos and also the tanks have all features such filter, lower and upper manhole, deck ladders and level sensors. It shall be emphasized that our company is among the leading silo manufacturers in our country.

Stainless Tank Usage Areas

Stainless silos and stainless tanks are very important storage items for many companies, but particularly for large scale enterprises. Therefore, their area of use is very extensive. They are products particularly preferred for outdoors and as large storage solutions. It can be said that they are mainly preferred by food companies when being considered from the aspects of area of use and sector. Silo and tanks manufactures according to food processes are produced as two types. In addition to welded and bolted production, conical interlocking production is also available. Our company can also always perform these two types of production. You can obtained detailed information from our company regarding products made of stainless sheets, stainless carbon and also AISI 304 grade material.


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