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Alkyd Production Plants

Alkyd Production Plants

We realize turnkey plant delivery for Alkyd Production Plant Installation. We offer the most affordable price and service guarantee in production and assembly of equipment to be used in the plant, installation of piping systems between equipment and commissioning of the functional plant.

What is Alkyd?

Alkyd is a type of synthetic polyester resin which is formed through polycondensation of polyhydric alcohol and dibasic acids and modified with oil or oil acid. Alkyd resin is the most important constituent which directly impacts formation of film in paint and varnish systems, also forming the other important properties of lamination film such physical and chemical resistance, adhesion, strength etc.

How is Alkyd Resin Produced?

Alkyd resin is obtained through esterification of polyhydric alcohols and dibasic acids and modification with oil or oil acids at 200-240 °C. Alkyd resin production process is divided into to classes as solvent-added and solvent-free (fusion) process methods.

It is important that production plants are installed with correct processes and suitable equipment choice is made for both production methods.

Makfen offers turnkey service for Alkyd Resin Production Plant installation beginning from the project design phase with its experienced team of engineers.

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