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Industrial Equipment Manufacture

Stainless Equipment Production

Production of stainless steel industrial equipment that are mainly used in pharmaceutical and food industry is made with AISI 316 (316 SS), AISI 316L (316L SS), AISI 304 (304 SS) grade stainless steel and manufactured according to HACCP and GMP.

The Most Common Stainless Platforms

  • Loading chutes,
  • Loading and Unloading Reservoirs
  • Stainless Cabins,
  • Miscellaneous Stainless Equipment
  • Stainless Drum – Stainless Jerry Cans

As Makfen we are manufacturing special equipment addressing the needs of the sector in the field of industrial equipment manufacture. Durable and serviceable plants guarantee long term production. Makfen produces solutions that are unique and intended for the demand to satisfy the production needs of pharmaceutical and food industries.

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