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Orbital Welding Services

Orbital Welding Services

The source of the Orbital welding phrase is “Orbit” in Latin. The function of orbital welding is the possibility of welding the circumference of two pipes of identical dimensions by fixing them on the horizontal axis.

Areas of use of orbital welding

  • pure water lines,
  • CIP lines,
  • Deionized water lines
  • Process lines
  • pipe connections in plant and tank productions.

Orbital Welding Application are applied by Makfen’s team of experts on pipes of DN 15 to DN 100 diameters satisfying the requirements of the process. Welding quality is certified through technical report and imaging (boroscopy) of the performed application.

Orbital welding method reaches to a penetration rate of 100% in welding and allows for safe transfer of risky and high pressure fluids.

Orbital welding is better than manual TIG welding since problems regarding operator, machinery, equipment and the welding environment are minimized and excellent welding quality is achieved.

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