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PVA Plants

PVA Plants

We offer the most affordable price and service guarantee in project designing of PVA Production Plant, installation, production and assembly of equipment to be used in the plant, installation of piping systems between equipment and commissioning of the functional plant.

What is PVA ?

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a synthetic polymer which is soluble in water.

Areas of Use of PVA

  • It is used as thinner and adhesive in latex paint, paper laminations, hair sprays, shampoos and glues.
  • It is used as carbon dioxide barrier in PET bottles.
  • It is used as binder and coating agent in food industry.

Makfen produces solutions that are unique and intended for the demand to satisfy the needs of PVA Production Plants with its Team of Experienced Engineers. It offers turnkey service beginning with project design.

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